Advanced Trekksoft Programming & Set-Up

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From USD 899

The Basic Package plus a lot more. Up to 60 hours of work + Social Media Integration + Workflow Automation.

Trekksoft is the world's leading Tour, Activity and Accommodation software and hardware provider. Operators large and small around the world utilize Trekksoft's solution platform as well as the Trekkpay payment gateway.

As a part of this service, we design and build your Trekksoft website and program your activities to quickly and efficiently have you online in as short a time as possible. Includes consultation and back-end programming. Please see highlights for full details.

From USD 899

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Client Provides:

High Resolution Images & Video

Written Content and Descriptions

Pricing and Agent Rates

Cancelation Policy

Terms and Conditions

Social Media Access

Communication Network Access

Domain Name

Email Server


  • On-line Client Consultation
  • 10 Page Design
  • 20 Activities with Schedules
  • 60 Hours of Worktime
  • Domain Setup Available
  • Email Set-Up Available
  • Data Entry Included
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization Included
  • Social Media Integration and/or Account Creation
  • Workflow Integration & Automation
  • Google Analytics Included
  • Google Search Console Included
  • Multiple Domain Sub-Mapping Available








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