Advanced Trekksoft Training

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From Trekksoft newbie to Master and beyond. The first week will get you to Master level in 24 hours of training. Over the course of seven business days, you will participate in 3 eight-hour sessions, beginning with activity creation and ending with you placing your system online and hot. The second week will move you to the pro level, where you will participate in another 7 business day session consisting of 24 hours of training and system work.

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Client Provides: All images, written content, pricing, documents.



  • Online Client Consultation
  • 48 Hours of total training worktime

  • 12x 4-hour training sessions
  • 12x-4 hour homework
  • Designed to be up and running in under seven business days
  • Designed to get you to Pro level within 14 business days.
  • One-on-One consultation


  1. Liberia